Art is a way of expression that helps me bringing out the space that exists and lives within me. I make art because I have to create and share, with myself and with others, what goes on inside of me, what I feel- joy, pain, processes, addictions. As an artist, I feel that part of my duty is to extract issues from my private self out to the public human community, which I am a part of.

I explore and have a passion for the lines of drawing coming out of me in my work. In my works, create in iron alongside the use of pencil sketches and prints engraved on metal plates. Sometimes I even “draw” with a sewing machine so that the seam is used as a Pencil tool, as it was “my brush”. My works deal with the human soul and body, and man’s relationship to himself as a mirror to the other. I am fascinated by the Jewish world heritage and the Bible inspires me. This inspiration has lead me in recent years to deal with figures made of different materials- mainly iron- numerous figures placed in groups, in a row, in couples and as individuals worldwide. The figures together create a changeable story, as well as each stands alone. In These figures I try to express the emotions found in the relation between me and myself, between me and a single individual, and between me and society. I look for them to express the body, balance of the physical and spiritual and renewable equilibration. These figures, amorphous or an-amorphous, go through a process of drawing with a pencil on paper-up to the final engraving on the iron. It is my way to preserve their crude nature, contrasted, rusty. Rust is a motif that draws me in my works; it connects me to the material and to processes of nature. This connection to nature affects my creation greatly.

I live with my wife and our little daughter in an alternative house, a unique structure that we built with our own hands in an open area of ​​forest and olive grove in Metulla. My many wanderings in the surrounding nature remind me of the simplicity and innocence substance of the world. It amazes me to see how out of the silent, dead, stone- generated life, understanding, love and soul. In my work I express inner experiences from every piece of paper, stone, a piece of stained steel, gold or mud, and allow it to leave its unique natural strength. Out of my meetings as an instructor of art for people with intellectual disabilities, I found that in my recent works I am also influenced by their special way of communication to the world- which is not always a verbal communication. I found that there is a place to connect differentially, and this effects my perception as a human being aswell as an artist. Different influences: torn wires, cracks in the road, yoga poses, the Wabi Sabi, sacred writings, the Hebrew language, my mom and dad. Influancing Artists: Doron Efrat, Paul Klee, Meir Ariel, Jacque Jano, Hodrtoasr, Kadishman, Marc Chagall, Brancusi.



Solo Exhibition, Mahanaim Gallery, Mahanaim, Israel

Solo Exhibition, Question Mark Gallery, Amir, Israel

‘Remembering’, group exhibition, Zeitzone Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Art exhibition Mitzpe Ramon #3, Duo exhibition with artist Hannah Shem Tov, abandoned building in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel


‘Prints’, solo exhibition, Gam Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
‘Lama Kacha 2’ (Why so 2), solo exhibition, mobile gallery project, house no 31 (Smaly’s Residence), Nirit, Israel
‘Lama Kacha 1’ (Why so 1), mobile gallery project, a library, Metulla, Israel
‘The unthinkable 2’, duo exhibition with the artist Dror Werber, Oldenburg, Germany
‘The unthinkable 1’, duo exhibition with the artist Dror Werber, SO36 GALLERY, Berlin, Germany


‘The Khan’, group exhibition, Khan House Kiryat Shmona, Israel
‘Lech Lecha’ (Go), solo exhibition, House of Feno Brockmann, Oldenburg, Germany
‘Lama Kacha 1’ (Why so), solo exhibition, mobile gallery project, Ben Gurion Boulevard 33, Tel Aviv, Israel
‘Local matter’, group exhibition, Tel Hai Photography Museum


Group Exhibition, The Twelfth point Gallery, Sde Tzvi, Israel

2012 – 2016

Group Exhibition, The Twelfth point Gallery, Sde Tzvi, Israel


Untitled, solo exhibition, B.S.R Towers lobby, Ramat Gan, Israel


‘Secret Art’, group exhibition, National Leumi Bank House, Tel Aviv, Israel
‘Iron records’, solo exhibition, Nicolay street Gallery, Oldenburg, Germany


‘Paradise’, Duo exhibition with artist Steve Sholem, Gebo Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
‘Adam- Adama’ (Human-Earth), group exhibition, Council of South Sharon district, Israel
‘Sculptures’, solo exhibition, Gam Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
‘Locked garden’, group exhibition, The Cactus Garden, Holon, Israel
‘Me you and us’, group exhibition, House of Culture, Nirit, Israel


‘Part’, solo Exhibition, The Salon Gallery, Kfar Masaryk, Israel


‘Part’, solo Exhibition, The Salon Gallery, Kfar Masaryk, Israel

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