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exhibition i took patr in


Solo Exhibition, Mahanaim Gallery, Mahanaim, Israel

Solo Exhibition, Question Mark Gallery, Amir, Israel

‘Remembering’, group exhibition, Zeitzone Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Art exhibition Mitzpe Ramon #3, Duo exhibition with artist Hannah Shem Tov, abandoned building in Mitzpe Ramon, Israel


‘Prints’, solo exhibition, Gam Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

people who buy my art say

Yossi Orbach, designer and painter
"There is something very powerful in Tom's minimalist line. The hard metal thread that allows for such flexibility ... The first time I came across Tom's works, I understood that here was an illustration of phenomenal expression and determination. While seeing each of his works, I too feel within me the magic of another world"
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Gideon Efrat
A kind of remarkably sensitive "writing" that is connected to the subconscious and enveloped in mystery and sublimity. The man is talented and original.
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Chana Shem Tov
Graduate of Boston Museum School of Fine Arts Author of the book: The Face of a Creation / published by the Jerusalem Art Center - College of Art Currently resides and creates in Mitzpe Ramon
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I follow reverently the progress and the beautiful flow of Tom's creations. Tom's work seems to have been created lightly - perhaps it is Spirit that came to his aide and breathed into his sculptures and drawings the quality of the "incredibly obvious"
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small world

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small world

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small world

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